VIP Benefits

February 28, 2021

                                                 What do you get as a VIP member of the server:



The VIP rank is from 1 to 10


The server has VIP vendors Rank 2-10


If you have a Rank 2 you use the vendor with Rank 2 items & weapons. 


VIP Rank is for absolutely all your characters in the account, even the new ones you create!


So of course it is for a larger VIP rank you get items the upper rank vendor.

That's not all, except for access to vendors, you also have the following commands as VIP:




    Custom VIP Commands Rank 1-10




/ say vcommands for help ...


/ say #chat On / Off -VIP World Chat


/ say #buff For More Buffs and items Get Rank +1 and More ...


/ say #life -revive


/ say #repair -repair items


/ say #reset -reset your talent


/ say #gender -Switch male / Flame



.guild create

.guld guild invite

.learn all my class

.learn all my spells

.learn all my talents

.event start 65 Gm Island Event

.event start 67 Darkshore Event


How to get a higher VIP rank? From the site in the "User Panel" go to the store section. There you will find VIP Blood Stone. After picking up and sending the appropriate Stone into the game, Write in the game .mailbox (or find)

After taking your Vip Rank, open the teleport stone and go to (Global Zones -Vip Vendors rank 2-10)

There you will find the relevant Items and Weapons for your VIP Rank


The Global Staff team wishes you a pleasant game!


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