Game Rules

January 30, 2021

                                   These are some simple rules for the game! Please follow them !!!


1. Do not cheat or break the intended rules of the game. That include exploits found in the game (if you find one inform a GM).


2. Do not use hacks, bots or any type of memory injection program. The use or promoting the use of any hacking, automation or exploiting tool will be met with an immediate permanent ban.


3. Do not bash or criticize the server in world chat. Use the proper channels to improve the server.


4. Do not harass Owners, GMs, Moderators or community members.


5. Do not advertise or try to promote another server in any way. This will be dealt with an instant ban with no appeal.


6. Do not use offensive or vulgar language in world chat, if that is your thing do it in private.


7. Do not disturb others during world events, either join the fun or leave the area.


8. Do not accept or offer Arena "win trading". This will get you banned.


9. Don't Ask the Owner, GM, or Moderators for Weapons, Sets, items or any gifts of this sort! This will get you banned.


10.Do not create characters or pets with offensive names (in any language). You will be forced to rename it.


11. Do not stop others from playing or enjoying the game in any way.


                                                  The Global Staff team wishes you a pleasant game!


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